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The Great Unknown

Success means different things to different people, whatever your field of interest or industry

Mine was 25 years public sector service in health and social care. After all these years, the dream of a successful career and the freedom it promised remained as elusive as ever.

I’m not alone in this

But it wasn’t meant to be this way.

Yes I built – we build a successful career and not a bad income to go with it; but after a while you hit a glass ceiling of growth; often constrained by the culture and thinking of the environment, those round you, not to mention our self-limiting thinking and the beliefs that sponsor it.

But that’s not the issue. What’s the point of enjoying all the seeming career success and the benefits it brings, if your life’s not liberated enough to enjoy them to the level you should?

Thing is, while it may appear you’re climbing the career pinnacle, you increasingly become a “slave”, and “commodity”; and along with all your other hard working colleagues. The profession and the organisation own you…

…Mere commodities

You can draw direct parallels to owning a business, where along with all other hard working business owners if the model is wrong. This is not to say that earlier in your professional career or business you don’t need to put ‘some skin in the game’. It goes without saying

We’ve all done it.

I’ve done it….

…Professionals and business owners alike, without the right strategies, business model and systems, we can end up with what amounts to an expensive hobby.

Yet what do we do? Plough on instead.

Plough on regardless – burying our head in the sand- doing same thing(s) we’ve always done, but hoping for things to somehow get better. It’s insane when you think about it.

And guess what? We still do it.

That’s where I found myself just over 9 years ago. Before I eventually mustered the courage to take the leap from employee to business owner.

Does it involve hard work, long hours sometimes?


It takes a bit of time to give a business the necessary oxygen. It takes time to nurture a baby from infancy into young adulthood. Building a business is not any different.

Is this how it’s always going to be?

Nope. I’m working on it in terms of model, strategy and support systems

As it happens, I was talking to a former colleague recently; same age as me, and still in employment in the public sector. He gave me a hard time when I was setting up my business. He’s not happy at all in his current job.

John said to me, “I have looked at your website a few times recently; and it’s describing everything I want for myself”. So I asked him gently, “have you opted in and registered for the resources”

“No, I just haven’t had the time”.

Now let’s kick that one to touch straight off, we all have 24 hours in a day. None of us has a minute more or a minute less. The only difference is where, how and on what we chose to spend our time.

There it is right there. – the thinking that sabotages many a professional and business owner’s growth and self-awareness alike. Whilst the flaw in the thinking is obviously visible, what I see is immaterial. If the party concerned can’t “see” their own limiting self-talk and excuses, nothing’s going to change.

The only thing that’s going to kick start the change for the hard working and committed, business owner or professional, the only “enlightener” they’ll listen to is “pain”. And until the pain of “no change” is more acute that the pain of change, nothing will change.

Now one could just point this out to the individual concerned; and we do. But what you can’t do is “tell people into change”. Such an approach doesn’t lead to change; in fact the opposite is the case …the person concerned won’t have time for that either; only resulting in further frustration, resentment and misery

While the stated “objection” is said to be time, time is not the issue here at all; this is just an objection disguised

The real issue is a stifling fear… but put this to the professional or business owner concern, and they will refute it strenuously

It’s fear at many levels.

Fear of deviating from the familiar … breaking with routine.

Fear of letting go… because it’s comfortable

Fear of the business or profession going backwards or failing.

Fear of being judged… thought less of?

Fear of letting loved ones and colleagues down.

Fear of change, period.

What we are afraid of most is the unknown. It’s the nursery that nurtures fear. Yet we must venture into the unknown in order to know what we’re capable of becoming

The greater unknown is ourselves.

We are the untapped potential, the untapped goldmine – it’s this very truth that’s the source of our fear.
The fear that we just might be, much more than we know ourselves to be.

The implications of this message are far reaching. Please do not read it just once. Read it again and spend a bit of time thinking into it.

It will serve you well