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Is 2018 Your Landmark Year?

Doesn’t time just fly?

We’re already into the first quarter of 2018!

How’ has it been for you so far personally, professionally and in your business?

If 2018 is to be a landmark year your life and you intend to achieve different and better results in your personal life, your career and in your business, you need to do something different from what you did in 2017.

Ok; I know I’m stating the obvious…

… Here’s the thing, there’s’ only an “l” of a difference between obvious and oblivious; but there’s no escaping the consequences if you choose ignore taking care of the obvious.

Improved results won’t come from doing ‘much of the same’. There’s only one inevitable outcome guaranteed from pursuing such a strategy…

… More of the same

That’s why I spent 3 full days with the “Success Mastery’s “Business and Marketing School” at the Holiday Inn near Gatwick airport, head down and immersed together with a group of smart entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals, being “educated “.

I was being educated in the only education that matters to self-employed professionals, micro businesses, and other Independent professionals who’re success and personal growth orientated.

I was being educated in the strategies and leading edge information necessary to run a successful small self-employed business; I was being equipped with the knowledge – the specific strategies – of how every day small business owners took their small businesses from struggling or mediocre enterprises competing with every Tom, Dick and Harriet in their space, turning them into highly successful (profitable) businesses and independent professional practices, competing with no one.

And the best bit of the three days, was being the most ignorant person in the room. This is no false humility on my part. It’s the best place to be; surrounded by owners playing above my pay grade; challenging and stretching my thinking; but only too willing to impart and share their experience and wisdom gained form the “trenches”. Accomplished “Go Getters” happy to be “Go Givers”

I learned a very stark and sobering lesson from the three days, and it’s this:
It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your career or business; If you fail to equip yourself with these tested and proven strategies and this knowledge, you’ll resign yourself to the way of the masses, the majority “non-conscious” independent professionals – the proverbial “well-trodden path”- working harder and harder, for longer and longer, just to keep the wolf from the door.

Ah; and let’s dispense with the age old excuse straightaway – “my business is different”

No it ain’t …

The principles are exactly the same

Busting a gut , may well earn you a level of financial comfort, but don’t be fooled – you’ll have to work even harder and for longer each passing year to maintain the standard of living you’ve become accustomed to; as your life gets consumed by a career or business that was meant to liberate it.

That’s the experience of the majority of small businesses and independent professional business owners; if you fail to equip yourself with everything you need to grow your business or your career to where it needs to be, if it’s to deliver you the income and quality of life that makes this all worthwhile.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.You can choose differently

With my warmest greetings,


P.S. No amount of hard work is going to bring you greater returns if what you’re working hard at doesn’t cut the mustard.

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