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About Joe Z

A Leading UK Business Coach, Mentor & Consultant to Self-Employed Professional Business Owners: Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Speakers…

So? …

​Why You Should Care?

Because Joe Mairura is the UK’s leading business Coach, Mentor, Teacher and Consultant to self-employed professional business owners: Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Speakers & similar small businesses in the Health and Social Care sector. His powerful, proven and practical success strategies and highly effective methods have helped small Self – Employed business owners in over 7 countries enjoy significant growth in their personal, professional and business lives.

How To Leverage Joe’s Expertise

Joe works with and helps small businesses and self-employed professional business owners to:

  • Identify clearly who your target market is (Your ideal customer) and what their needs and wants are
  • Put in place a system for attracting a steady flow of prospective clients, convert them into paying customers and grow your businesses by 100%-150 % in12 to 18 months or less.
  • Adopt and apply the ‘right thinking’, within your business, alongside implementing tested, proven, powerful and leading edge marketing and sales success strategies to grow your business
    Why the ‘right thinking’? Because the quality and level of success of your business is directly proportionate to the quality of thinking you bring to it. This is a vitally critical truth to grasp from the very outset. It’s the difference that makes the difference.
  • Equip you with the latest leading edge information you need to grow your business exponentially.
  • Really grasp the power of the ideas and success strategies you are about to discover. They’re not just theory. They’ve been tried, tested and proven in the ‘trenches of real life businesses and the ‘uncompromising’ market place. And they work…
    …Every time. They are the very same strategies he’s used to grow a six figure coaching and consulting business
  • Embed and put to work these strategies in your business, so they can grow your business, make you money and improve your life.
    So, yes you should care; you need to; because the growth, quality and success of your business depends on it. If you would like to grow your business between 100%-150% in 12-18 months or less, then you ought to care.
  • Navigate what can sometimes be a confusing and muddled world of marketing, and sales. Joe does this by helping break down the leading edge information and proven success strategies into simple steps that you can put to work in your business; so you attract a steady flow of clients, convert them to paying customers, increase your income and grow your business.

The success strategies you’re about discover, work…but NOT by just knowing them or about them. You must take Action on them- put them to work in your business.

Here is what you need to know. Joe’s expertise gets people results. And in business, results is all that matters.

This information is not intended to show off or to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the power of what is being shared with you; something powerful and profitable, and it’s worth your while taking notice.

Joe’s methods are NOT about ‘get rich quick’ scheme. They’re certainly NOT about quick fixes to overnight success. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You’re going to have to put your back into this…’some skin in the game’
and above all to THINK.

This is NOT for people who believe their success and that of their business is down to ‘luck’, a first-class education, being born into wealth, or any other deep-seated self –sabotaging societal myth(s) about unfair advantage that cripples the thinking and undermines the potential of most small and self-employed professional business owners.

How Joe Helps and Supports Self – Employed Professional Business Owners

1. The Inner Circle

Once you leave your details and confirm your email address, you will automatically be included in Joe’s complimentary Inner Circle mailing list. This will give you access to Joe’s regular email messages packed with powerful personal, professional and business growth tips and insights, and thought-provoking content to up level your thinking, business and income.

Joe’s messages are NOT about special offers, the latest fad, social media chit chat, or the hard sell. Nothing of the kind. They’re about adding value to you personally and business life; they are intended to elevate your thinking to a different level; and with it your results

You are NOT tied down to Joe’s complementary Inner Circle. You can always change your mind at any time.

Every email message you receive from Joe has an unsubscribe option. All you have to do, if you do not wish any further association, is hit the unsubscribe button. No hard feelings!

2. Business Mastery Inner Circle (BMIC)

Membership to Joe’s BMIC is by Application only.
Should you choose to do so, membership to BMIC comes with certain benefits. Here are just three:

  • A printed monthly BMIC publication, sent to your home address; packed with the latest tips and techniques on the psychology of success, Advanced Thinking and leading edge marketing strategies
  • A fortnightly recorded Coaching and Mentoring Call
  • Preferential rates to Joe’s personal and business growth events that deliver extraordinary value to you and your business.
  • And much more

3. Business Mastery Elite Inner Circle (BMEIC)

This is Joe’s Exclusive and Premium Inner Circle. Membership to this group is via a very stringent Application and Selection Process. BMEIC Membership offers all the benefits of BMIC above; plus, to name just a few:
  • Personal one to one access and coaching with Joe
  • Membership of a Mastermind… this is not some cobbled up group, randomly
    thrown together; but a mastermind as originally intended by Napoleon Hill
  • 4 –annual 3-day summits where members work on each other’s business.
  • An exclusive email group to share ideas and support and encourage each other.
  • Free access to ALL of Joe’s Learning and Personal growth events
  • And more…..

Membership to both BMIC and BMEIC not available to the general public.

4. Paid-for Products and Services & Learning Events

These include:

  • ‘4 – Steps To Personal and Business Mastery’. A 4- week programme targeted at developing the self-employed and small business owner
  • ‘Marketing Mastery’- A 12 week marketing programme, parked with all the latest Direct Marketing (DRM) and the latest tested and proven business success strategies – a blueprint for exponential business success

The paid-for products and services provide a demonstrable Return on Investment.

They also come with an unconditional guarantee. This demonstrates how much Joe stands by the quality and impact of his work.

So here’s Joe’ Proposition To You

If… you’re serious about achieving significant growth in your business and improving the quality of your life…

You’re prepared and willing to be open minded to new ideas, many of which are counterintuitive and may even contradict what you’ve previously believed or assumed to be true about business success…

And you’re willing to set aside ‘protected’ time and energy to go through the report and master these strategies, plus the powerful personal and business growth ideas, tips and insights, you will receive regularly as a member of my Inner Circle, AND more importantly PUT THEM TO WORK in your business and personal life …

Then… here’s my personal invitation to FREELY access to the powerful strategies contained in “How To ATTRACT Your Ideal Clients and GROW Your Coaching And Consulting Business FAST so you can get them working for you in your business IMMEDIATELY.

Once again this is absolutely complementary; you are not being asked to part with any money.

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