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It’s an illusion…

It’s an illusion…

Just over three years ago, I met an interesting person – a lawyer turned entrepreneur- at an entrepreneurial event in London.

I got to speak with her during one of the breaks. And in the cause of our conversation, she shared how the unexpected death of her father from a stroke had shaken her out of her “comfortable slumber”… her “habitual mediocrity”

As a consequence of her dad’s death, she decided to quit law; just turned her back on everything she’d worked to achieve up to that point in her life, something she had spent a lot of time preparing for.

She had no rational explanation as to why her decision. Having made the decision, she had no idea what she was going to do.

This was “uncharacteristically inappropriate” is how she described the decision she had taken that day. But it’s what she said to me next, that has stayed with me all this time she said:

“You know what Joe, I took a leap and trusted the net will appear”My immediate reaction (quietly in mind) was I couldn’t do that… sort of “jump and build your wings on the way down”

It got me thinking; would I do that, how many of us are really willing to do that? We’ve been programmed as we grow up to expect safety, certainty, even security …job, profession, or career.

Thinking about it, that’s just what I did when I left working for the state and started my own management consultancy business, and latterly diversifying into business and professional coaching.

But is there such a thing as certainty or security in our 21st-century world?

I suspect you know the answer to that already

Perhaps that’s where we have lost the plot altogether. Our continued obsession with certainty or security is not serving us in our lives, professions or business. In fact, all it accomplishes is limit our thinking, and stifle our potential and our creativity.

Security is an illusion.

The only certainty there is – as I have come to realise- is that which comes from shaping life on your own terms. You only have to look around you to realise the truth of the above four words.
And here is the sad thing, the vast majority of the population – from all walks of life – personal, professional or, fail to grasp or are unwilling to accept, that every result they experience in life is created by them.

Every result.

We’re all constantly creating our reality and associated results. You’re constantly in the process of creation, by the choices you make and the decisions you take. But most of it is happening unconsciously.

Some of us are more conscious of this truth than others. The key to the former is self-awareness. The barrier in relation to the latter is they look elsewhere- outside of themselves for the answers. That’s why you’ve no doubt heard me say many times previously that “if you do not go within, you will go without”

The more conscious you become in the act of creation, the more successful you’ll be in your business and personal life.

That’s why you need a coach in your life (your name); because a coach is able to ask you a certain kind of ‘deliberately structured’ question or questions that raise your consciousness-your self-awareness- so you become far more self-aware (conscious) in the process of creating the outcomes (results) in your life.

So what’s stopping you asking this kind of questions of yourself?

The biggest barrier is you’re in your own way. You live inside your own consciousness – you can’t see the picture if you’re in the frame. Therefore, the question likely to heighten your consciousness is unlikely to come from that same consciousness.

It takes someone outside of you, someone with the awareness and grasp of the process, to ask the type question(s) of you, you’re unable to ask yourself.

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