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17 January 2018

By Joe Z Mairura

I hope 2017 was a good year for you; in spite of any “mud” that life may have slung in your direction. Life has a habit of doing that.

What do you intend to call forth into your life in 2018?

Are clear what you intend to call forth into your life profession or business; or is 2018 going to be just another year…?

Another “Groundhog Day”…?

Same old same old…?

What kind of person do you intend to become in 2018?

Important questions wouldn’t you say!

Every moment, of every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month and of every year, is an opportunity.

An opportunity to do, be and have what you intend to draw and bring forth into your life; whatever that is for you.

So what is it to be for you in 2018?

I don’t need to know the answer; but YOU do.

An opportunity to become a better version of yourself perhaps? What does that mean in your particular and unique circumstances…?

An opportunity to be intentional and purposeful…

An opportunity to maximise on the gift of time – every moment of each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month of the year.

Sadly, most people live their lives as if we have a 300 year contract with life; and can afford to waste the first 100 without worrying too much about it.

“Guilty as charged”.

There were moments in my past when this mindset unconsciously directed my life… I wasn’t self-aware enough to recognise it… no sense of urgency…and all that. Thankfully this is not the case now

EVERY moment counts.

As a wise man said to me only very recently, “life is like toilet roll; the older you get the quicker it goes”.

My exhortation to you?… “Carpe Diem”- a Latin expression meaning “seize the day”…
…Be conscious to the present

Originating from the Roman poet Horace, the phrase in full was, carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero, which translates as “Seize the day, and put very little trust in tomorrow (the future)”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not proposing in any shape or form that you adopt a “Hedonistic” approach to your life; but rather, work on developing and enhancing your self-awareness which in turn will result in your being conscious to the present and not just sleepwalking through life.

The gift of time is an opportunity NOT luck…

…As Earl Nightingale in quoting the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca says, “luck is where preparation meets opportunity”

So, are you prepared?

How have you prepared for the opportunities that 2018 will bring your way? There’s no doubt it will. The question is, how prepared are you; so you will be conscious to them when they present to you. Have you taken any time to consciously prepare (reflect) or will you just sleepwalk into 2018 and hope that some “magical” New Year resolution will work its magic.

I think NOT

Hope alone is NOT a strategy; and NOT a very wise one at that. You need to be intentional. Remember, “what you think you become”

There are 3 –steps to the self-improvement process: Preparation, Participation and Reflection.
Prepare – in advance how you intend to maximize on the gift of your time and any opportunity life brings your way

Participate – in the process of your personal growth and improvement. For instance preparing the kind of questions you might want to ask your coach or mentor. If you haven’t got one, get one; it will be a worthwhile investment on yourself.

Reflect- on what you learned; and how it will impact your personal, professional or business life.
Reflection and looking ahead (preparing) for the coming year. Perhaps 2 areas you might want to reflect on:
. Your successes in the past year.
. Areas where you fell short

It’s particularly important to reflect on your successes; as often the temptation is to immediately find areas where you did not come up to the mark. Notice I have purposefully avoided using the word failure. There’s no such a thing. There’s only success and learning. You fail only if you choose not to learn from what didn’t go well… what didn’t turn out as planned.

Here’re some thoughts you may find helpful:
On my successes:
What lessons have I learned…?
What insights have I discovered…?
What have I learned about myself…?
And how will it equip me for the year immediately ahead and for the future…?
What can I leverage on from the new knowledge about myself..?
On the areas that didn’t go as intended or planned:
What did I learn; in particular about myself…?
What did it reveal to me about myself…?
What areas do I need to work on and improve upon…?
Which areas do I need to tighten on and be more disciplined about…?
Having reflected on both your successes and the areas that did not go as well’ perhaps the following areas might help in preparing for your year ahead:

•With my new understanding and learning, what needs to happen in the next, 3, 6 and 12 months?
•What activities could I have done better by being more intentional, focused and purposeful
•How can I improve on these activities, so I can go from where I am now to where I need to get to?
•What needs to happen daily, weekly and monthly from now on?
•What does next year need to look like in terms of my vision? (Do you have a vision your life?) If not, prepare one. Write it down on paper and start imprinting it in your mind’s subconscious
•How am I going maximise the gift of time coming my way during 2018.

Finally what support do you need to put it in place so you can proceed toward your goals life’s dream – vision? If this resonates with you, go here and garb yourself a FREE breakthrough session.

As you mull over all these, I want to wish you a wonderful, productive and abundant 2018. And I on my part commit to continue serving better you by adding even more value to you as a member of my Inner Circle.

With my warmest regards

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It’s an illusion...

7 December 2017

By Joe Z Mairura

It’s an illusion…

Just over three years ago, I met an interesting person – a lawyer turned entrepreneur- at an entrepreneurial event in London.

I got to speak with her during one of the breaks. And in the cause of our conversation she shared how the unexpected death of her father from a stroke had shaken her out of her “comfortable slumber”… her “habitual mediocrity”

As a consequence of her dad’s death, she decided to quit law; just turned her back on everything she’d worked to achieve up to that point in her life, something she had spent a lot of time preparing for.

She had no rational explanation as to why her decision. Having made the decision, she had no idea what she was going to do.

This was “uncharacteristically inappropriate” is how she described the decision she had taken that day. But it’s what she said to me next, that has stayed with me all this time she said:

“You know what Joe, I took a leap and trusted the net will appear”

My immediate reaction (quietly in in mind) was I couldn’t do that… sort of “jump and build your wings on the way down”

It got me thinking; would I do that, how many of us are really willing to do that? We’ve been programmed as we grow up to expect safety, certainty, even security …job, profession, or career.

Thinking about it , that’s just what I did when I left working for the state and started my own management consultancy business; and latterly diversifying into business and professional coaching.

But is there such a thing as certainty or security in our 21st century world?

I suspect you know the answer to that already

Perhaps that’s where we have lost the plot altogether. Our continued obsession with certainty or security is not serving us in our lives, professions or business. In fact all it accomplishes is limit our thinking, and stifle our potential and our creativity.

Security is an illusion.

The only certainty there is – as I have come to realise- is that which comes from shaping life on your own terms. You only have to look around you to realise the truth of the above four words.
And here is the sad thing, the vast majority of the population – from all walks of life – personal, professional or, fail to grasp or are unwilling to accept, that every result they experience in life is created by them.

Every result.

We’re all constantly creating our reality and associated results. You’re constantly in the process of creation, by the choices you make and the decisions you take. But most of it is happening unconsciously.

Some of us are more conscious to this truth than others. The key to the former is self-awareness. The barrier in relation to the latter is they look elsewhere- outside of themselves for the answers. That’s why you’ve no doubt heard me say many times previously that “if you do not go within, you will go without”

The more conscious you become in the act of creation, the more successful you’ll be in your business and personal life.

That’s why you need a coach in your life (your name); because a coach is able to ask you a certain kind of ‘deliberately structured’ question or questions that raise your consciousness-your self-awareness- so you become far more self-aware (conscious) in the process of creating the outcomes (results) in your life.

So what’s stopping you asking these kind of questions of yourself?

The biggest barrier is you’re in your own way. You live inside your own consciousness – you can’t see the picture if you’re in the frame. Therefore, the question likely to heighten your consciousness is unlikely to come from that same consciousness.

It takes someone outside of you, someone with the awareness and grasp of the process, to ask the type question(s) of you, you’re unable to ask yourself.

If this resonates, go hear and book yourself a “Business or Career Breakthrough Session”.
With my warmest regards


P.S. You can thank me later.

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Objections: I don’t have the discipline for this kind of thing….

23 November 2017

By Joe Z Mairura

This doesn’t work… it won’t work…

If it did then everyone would be doing it, won’t they?

This won’t work for me; it’s not my thing…

It doesn’t/won’t work in my industry….

My business is different… Sorry, but NO IT AIN’T

Or something similar?

“Objections” hey!

Ring any bells?

It does me

If only I got paid for all the objections I have offered down the years – the occasions I dismissed outright and without any shred of evidence, very real opportunities that were put my way, I’d be a billionaire.

But I didn’t know what I didn’t know… didn’t have the level of self-awareness I do now.

And you know what, the only reason I dismissed them in spite of most of them being in my industry (and there’s the irony of it all!) was because it did not sit comfortably with my institutional or professional programming… it would mean upsetting the status quo…

…Much easier to work on someone else’s agenda…being told what to when to do it and how to go about doing it.

…comfortable springs comes to mind

It meant having to stop and think for myself, think outside industry/professional norms and the stablished “Modus operandi”

It’s the biggest challenge people face, the major obstacle getting in the way of many a personal, professional or business dream and stopping it from becoming a reality.

And the challenge?

Our thinking.

Or lack of it.

We’re clearly oblivious to this particular shortcoming…

You don’t know what you don’t know; and we can’t change what we’re not aware of. So we rationalise- in the absence of any situational intelligence, by dismissing outright (objecting unconsciously) to the whole thing by offering what we think is a plausible explanation…

…“Oh no I don’t have the discipline for this kind thing“…

…Not really cut out for this; I’m happy where I am.

Are you, (Your Name)?

What we actually mean is… this is too uncomfortable and goes against the status quo.

Now, to the uninitiated, this kind of reasoning is/might be seem perfectly plausible.

But here’s the irony, we are still going to need to get disciplined in thinking in reverse. It takes discipline to sustain the very approach we’re currently deploying to convince ourselves we don’t have the discipline in the first place…

…Disciplined at coming up with even better and weirder objections!

Having said all of that, unless we’re willing to up our inner game by facing the reality of our objections – the limiting beliefs that are currently sabotaging our potential – then nothing is going to change…


We’ll just get better at perfecting our objections but with no improvement in our self-awareness, personal growth or improved results

Our unconscious belief systems are the architects of our thinking, our behaviours, and our actions and ultimately our results; but one can change, manage or modify what they’re not currently aware of; so we remain “Stuck”

After all, the quality of our decisions determines the quality of our personal, professional and business lives. There’s no escaping this Cause-and-Effect reality of life.

Which brings me nicely onto you and the quality of the decisions you make on a daily basis? And kid yourself not; choosing not to make a decision is still a decision and has implications for your life.

The quality of a decision – and the implication on your life – will always be twofold. One side of a decision will take you forward; and the other, will take you backwards (even though it might appear that nothing’s changed

One side of your decision will represent growth, improvement, expansion, and better results in whatever domain of your life; while the other will represent recession, shrinkage and diminishing returns.

But you cannot stay as you are.

How’s that I hear you ask?


Because no such place exists.

There is no such thing as inertia in life. Stagnation is not the same as remaining as you are. Stagnation is ceasing to grow when the world around you is. The world around us is forever moving forward. So, you are either going in one direction, or you’re going in the other.

You cannot stay as you are; you’re either creating or you’re not”(disintegrating)

That’s the reality of the natural/universal law of “Create or Disintegrate“…

… The cold, harsh reality of living in a universe governed by natural laws, one of which is “Create or Disintegrate“…

Whether conscious of it or not, none of us escapes the unwavering expression of natural laws, even though the vast majority of mankind lives in complete ignorance of them.

So what’s it to be? Which side of your decision(s) equation will it be?

You have free will. You’re free to disregard, ignore and deny (object to) all or any of the truths consistently put in front of you.

But one thing is certain, you CANNOT escape the implications of your decisions; none of us does

You are always at choice:

Will regular access and mentoring input from a highly successful coach improve you, your profession, business and quality of your life?

You know it will.

Will stubbornly battling on, continuing to do what you’ve always done, bring about a marked improvement in the results you generate week-in, week-out?

You probably know the answer to that one too.

So why sell yourself so horribly short? Why choose to play small?

Why allow the limiting beliefs invested in maintaining and keeping things as they are and your existing conditions and circumstances sabotage every opportunity that represents a bigger and better you, and bigger and better results?

That is the dumbest game of all – and millions play it every day. I played it too for every day for a very long time and there has been a price to pay

You don’t have to.

If this resonated with you, go here and let me know

With my warmest regards


P.S. Why chose to play small, you’re bigger and better… brilliant in fact.

You can play a different game.

All you have to do is decide on the right side of your decision equation. The one that will tap into your unlimited untapped potential

Your life, Your profession, Your choice.

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Breakfast for the Mind

18 October 2017

By Joe Z Mairura

A short one today.

But an important one

I had just completed my non-morning run day exercise routine this morning(Tuesday).
I normally do my 21kms morning run on Monday’s Wednesdays and Fridays; with a shorter run (12-15 kms) on Saturday mornings.

Anyway, off I was after this morning’s exercise routine for a quick shower, followed by breakfast; before hitting my desk to “dig into” my day’s work schedule

That’s when the thought hit me.

“Breakfast for the mind”

Strange; isn’t it, that we know our bodies need exercise and daily nutrition in order to maintain good physical health and wellbeing?

What about our minds?

They too need daily feeding…Daily breakfasts; so they stay heathy and so they can serve us well in those areas where only our minds can – the quality of our thinking

Do you feed your mind?

How often do you feed it?

Nutritionists have long held and advised that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up for the day; by ensuring you have both the necessary nourishment and energy so your body is ready for the day’s demands.

There’s an even more important breakfast- more important than your culinary breakfast.
The first few thoughts of your day. The thoughts that occupy/flit through your minds as you awaken from your sleep and start to prepare yourself for your day ahead.

These thoughts are important- crucial in fact; because they get us into a frame of mind that will often set the tone – good or bad- for the entire day ahead of us

Perhaps you could decide to be “intentional” about the kind of breakfast you feed your mind with daily-the thoughts you choose to allow to occupy your mind at the start of your day.

Wherever you are in your life right now: personal, professional or business, you can choose to be intentional and to consciously choose to feed your mind with thoughts worth of the “higher” you, the more confident you, the you full of potential and opportunity.

Thoughts of gratitude and deep appreciation for: your life, health, the people you love and those who appreciate and love you back; and for the opportunity to be of service to others.

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror each morning?

If you‘re like most people, the temptation is to immediately home in on the negatives; the things that are wrong with us and immediately start to criticise how you look: “look how fat I am, “oh God look at how dry my face looks”. “I’m growing a chin”…”look at all those lines on my face”…etc.

How about starting tomorrow morning (and every other day) when you look in the mirror, you appreciate the person looking back at you, the beautiful/handsome (your first name), the (your first name) that’s enough, the proud and valuable (your first name); the (your first name) full of potential and promise.

As I was writing this, I was reminded of the beautiful words below by the actress Lauren Bacall: “I think your whole life shows on your face and you should be proud of that”

So I went and looked at myself in the mirror after I‘d read them.

I loved the person I saw looking back at me, I honoured and appreciated the person looking back at me I’m proud of who I saw looking back at me, I’m comfortable with who I saw looking back at me.. Warts and all.

He’s enough…

You’re enough…

All you need is within you

My face tells my story. A story of mixed fortunes – good and bad, pride and shame; successes and failures.

But that’s absolutely fine.

It’s who I am

It’s my story; I embrace it…

It’s your story; embrace it…

And I’m proud of me

Are you?

There’s only one of you- YOU

With my warmest regards


P.S. Look well. Look hard.

It’s all there. You’re all there. Lovable, wonderful, special, valuable, you that’s full of potential, promise and opportunity. All you need is there; it’s within you.

You’re enough.

Just look a bit closer.


It’s All in The Relationship: 3 Steps to Retaining Long Term Consulting Clients

8 September 2017

By Joe Z Mairura

Are you a Consultant, Coach, Therapist, Trainer or some other similar Independent professional business owner?

Then clients are to your business what carbon is to steel

Without clients/customers you can be the best in the world at what you do; but it doesn’t amount to much.

If you don’t have a supply of clients, you don’t have a business; but an expensive hobby.
You are no more than a subject matter expert that no one has ever heard of.

If you want a successful and sustainable business you need a regular flow of clients.

Yes and No!


There is nothing wrong attracting a constant flow of clients into your business. Even smarter, is focusing on continually courting, nurturing and ultimately holding on to your clients for the long term.

That’s where stuff happens. Because…

They’ve heard of you…

They’ve already bought from you…

They already know you…

And they’ve some form of relationship with you…

So the smart thing to do is to nurture that relationship so they return to buy from you again and again.
Doing this will ensure you have more successful relationships and business with your clients.

And so to the inevitable and obvious question; “how do you retain your clients for the long term?”

First, offer you clients Value and Excellent Service – to your existing clients ongoing and extraordinary value by serving them to the highest level. Far too many Consultants, Coaches, Therapists, Trainers etc… just concentrate on attracting new clients, and once they have acquired them, they are off again spending even more time trying to acquire even more new clients and not allocating enough time to really serve and add even more value to the clients they have recently acquired and ensuring they are still serving their existing ones – continuing to offer the highest level of service and results.

The danger with this approach is just focusing on the one- off sale and not nurturing the long term relationship and the potential for more repeat sales.


All clients are selfish and only interested in what you can do for then, how you can solve and continue to solve their problem and alleviate their pain points. This is good; and is why you are in business; to serve your clients and customers.

But do not confuse this with subscribing to the erroneous and “business-limiting” mentality of “the customer is always right” approach.

No; the customer is not always right.

I know that sounds completely bonkers, contrary to the accepted way of conducting business… may be…

I know; it sounds like…“business heresy”; like way out counter-intuitive.

It is.

But that’s for another time.

For now grok this, clients quickly grasp that over time, it’s advantageous for them to have someone like you on their side. Constantly engaging informing and nurturing. Their “go to” guy or gal

Doing this one thing of serving your clients to the highest levels and adding even more value to them; pays dividends and will actually do wonders for your business.



It helps you to retain your clients longer. If you’re serving your clients at a higher level, and you’re focused on providing even more value producing results for them, they’re going to want to stay with you.
Because, you’re providing your clients or customers with more value and more results.

If they stay with you longer, they are going to come back to you: for more projects, more services; to refer you to other people and clients, because they’re so ecstatic and satisfied with what you’ve provided and continue to provide to them

That’s great for your business.

Second, keep your clients informed- focus on is keeping your clients informed with the latest industry or market information’ or professional trends.

Always looking out for them, whenever you’re: exhibitions, reading checking out different blogs, researching trade publications – whatever – always have your client in mind and take every opportunity to add even more value to them.

Doing this fosters client loyalty and trust.

Your clients really value someone they can turn to, an adviser, someone they can trust. Whether that be as: coach, consultant, trainer or a mentor.

Being that person; and being “the go-to person”, regularly front of mind, most clients value and like having someone like that (You) their side.

The third- build and sustain relationships- this is powerful continually working on building and maintaining relationships with your clients. Not just within the business context; but also think creatively about what you can do to sustain relationships with your clients “appropriately”, outside the business context.

For instance getting to know your clients as individuals. What are they really like as people? What makes them tick? Their families, children, hobbies, interests. Simply recognising your client as a person, learning more about them as a person and sharing also more about yourself, can really cement that relationship etc.

The occasional out for a coffee, or lunch, or whatever it is, getting someone outside of the typical business environment can do wonders for business relationships. Not enough people do it.

It’s all in the relationship.

In the avoidance of any misunderstanding, let me be absolutely clear; I’m not promoting “inappropriate” relationships, in order to influence the client in favour of your custom, or some sort of business sweetener to get the business. No; I’m talking about transparent and ethical relationship building; based on integrity and mutual trust.

Be the person that will take the time to establish strong relationships with your clients. This is not about spending every single day or allocating certain days or weekend for them; nor is it about share your most personal secrets.

This is about simply recognising your client as a person, a fellow human being, learning more about them as a person and sharing also more about you as a person, can really strengthen that relationship.
If you are a consultant, coach or trainer and you want to know “how you might start to do this, go here for more information

With my warmest wishes


P.S Ultimately, we are in the relationship business. The stronger your relationship with your clients, the stronger the business bond and the more the basis for longevity
Focus on the three things above in your business, and you’ll be able to retain more clients and you will build and grow a lucrative and sustainable business

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